About Arte Maren

My story

We were the original Temptations, just a group of kids on a street corner singing doo-wop. In 1960, along came another young kid only 3 years older, in a red Cadillac convertible and he actually said, “I like your sound. I will make you a star”. And he did. Our record, Barbara went to the top of the charts. But the second record flopped and not have the purpose of the music industry I went on to other areas. One job lead to another and I struggled to get all my actions and those of the others in my company, aligned and coordinated. It became clear that my passion, my interest was largely in management, efficiency and leadership. 

I searched for a system; a coordinated, cohesive, turn-key organized methodology for the expansion of any business. The Hubbard management system met all requirements and then some. I began studying intensively, while applying what I learned to my work. My research and study of the Hubbard system continue to this day, having started in 1972. I began lecturing on these natural laws and other business owners wanted to know more about it. Finally, I wrote the book; The Natural Laws of Management and it went into 6 languages and has taken me around the world, lecturing in 30 countries. My television show, BusinessWise is distributed to some 50 cable stations across the USA and is a regular feature on the internet.