Discover and achieve your true potential in business and in life!

Play a better game, and play your chosen game better!

Discover and achieve your true potential in business and in life!

Play a better game, and play your chosen game better!

Clients Served:

Arte Maren Management Training

The Small Business Association reports that:

  • In the first year, ⅕ of all businesses will not make it
  • In the first few years, ½ of them succumb 
  • In the first ten years, only ⅓ of them will make it

Why is that?

“Was it because there was a lack of passion? No, I don’t think so.

Was it because they lacked the persistence? No, I don’t think so.

They lacked the tools, the know-how.

There are tools to handle any difficulty you have.
But you have to get them!

“In my last tour of Europe, I spoke to many people and one of the things I found out is that everybody agrees that training is vital, that it is indispensable.  Yet very few were energetically doing it. Very few had a sequence, very few had a schedule, very few had a syllabus. You need all of these things to be effectively trained.

So I discovered that training gets a lot of lip service but not the commitment.

If you understand everything you need to know about something, and can apply it, you will always get desirable, predictable results.

If there are parts of the organization that you do not understand, or actions that you can’t do, you will have surprises, slumps, emergencies; undesirable, unpredictable results.

What do you need to know to operate successfully?

When building a house, you can’t leave out some parts and still have a house. An organization is made up of parts and you have to have them all. And you must know how to use the tools to build one.

There is technology to coordinate all the moving parts. The technology stems from what I call “Natural Law”.

Planet Earth and life organisms operates off certain fundamental laws, and rules. If you know and apply these laws – things become easier.

The penalty for violating the natural laws is the effort – lots and lots of effort for too little return.

Investing in your increased knowledge of business and living is the most profitable investment you can make.


The AMMT program supplies the know-how you need for the improvement of your business and your life, and in so many different ways.

Each section includes two major webinars (and two review sessions) per month, and covers a different vital element of management that you will be able to apply in your business and in your life.

There are 12 webinar sessions (and 12 review sessions), conducted on a weekly basis.

The Hubbard management-based materials accompanying the webinars are extensive and you will have access to them in your own portal at your convenience.

Natural Laws of Management Program
The Tangible Components

 Business Assessments:

Your program begins by filling out two assessment questionnaires, a general assessment about your business overall, and the Dynamic Business Assessment (DBA). The general assessment, which can cover business exclusively or areas of your life and livingness, will provide Arte with an overview of the key areas of your interests, challenges, goals and dreams. The DBA, is a unique assessment covering key areas of your business, utilizing your organizing board as a model from which to evaluate key areas of the company. The results will then be put into a graph showing key areas of potential in terms of current effectiveness and areas in need of improvement.

Once the survey results are reviewed, each new subscriber will receive a private conference with Arte with a review of the results and actions you can take to increase organization and production.

The Natural Laws of Management

The Admin Scale eBook and Audio Book Seminar Training: Your portal will include Arte’s book on the admin scale along with lessons for review after each monthly session. The four (4) hour audio book seminar accompanies the book in Arte’s voice.

Sample Admin Scale

Arte created an admin scale on the building of a home to provide a sample format of a completed admin scale. This was created by Arte along with the help of a home builder-for authenticity.

Management by Statistics

You will receive 8 short videos in your portal to help you implement statistics and educate your execs and staff, in coordination with the webinars on implementing management by statistics.

Subscriber Webinar Recordings

Each of the 24 webinars (4 per month) will be recorded and made available to you for review and in the event that you cannot attend a particular session.

The Monthly Webinars (Conducted on the first and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 1: 00pm-2:00 pm. EST

Video Briefings

Prior to the AMMT launch in June, 2020, Arte delivered several 1-hour briefings covering key Hubbard management issues such as Cycles of Action, Admiration, Courage, Enjoyment, Decision, Observation, Production and more. All recorded briefings will be made available in each subscriber private portal.

“Sixteen Minutes to Success”

Each week, Arte delivers a 16-minute Hubbard management tech-based webinar on popular and important topics, such as: Time Management; Affluence Attainment; Sales, Marketing; Employee Management; Financial Security, and many more. Subscribers will have all the “16 Minutes to Success” videos in their portal for viewing and study.

The Arte Interview

This 45-minute video interview is a review of Arte’s 45 year career as an executive coach along with specific successes in the implementation of Hubbard management technology. Arte also relates his personal experience in his meetings with L. Ron Hubbard.

Twenty-one (21) Management Success Videos

These short videos of five to fifteen minutes, were created for the Arte Maren Management Training Program. They cover a wide range of Hubbard management related subjects, including but not limited to;

1) The Admin Scale (17minute video). 2) Customer Service (3:17). 3) The 3 Miracles of Business (8-minute video) 4) How to Avoid Employee Mistakes 5) Management by Statistics (10minutes). 6) Efficiency (10 minutes video) 7) Name, Want and Get (18minute video) 8) The Anatomy of Ability (6:02 minutes) 9) How to Have the Right Attitude (3:17minutes ) 10) How to Attain Affluence (9:37 video)11) The KRC Triangle (6:35minutes video) 12) How to be a True Executive (5:30minutes) 13) How to Conduct Staff Meetings (5:17 video) 14) How to Be More Competent (9:23minutes video) 15) How to Issue Instructions to Personnel (3:21) 16) How to Discover the Real Cause Part 1 (7:01) 17) How to Discover the Real Cause Part 2 (5:15) 18) Stage Manners, Part 1 (11:57) 19) Stage Manners, Part 2 (9:18) 20) The Art of Pubic Speaking (10:43) 21) How to Evaluate Anything (6:42) 22) How to Handle the 3 Biggest Company Errors (6min video) 23) How to Teach Any Subject, Part 1 (9:07) 24. How to Teach Any Subject, Part 2 (8:30) 25) The 6 Points of Expansion (5:30) 26) The 4 Key Points for Organizing for Maximum Production (5:22). 27) The 12 Steps of Organization Structure (7:15) 28) The Secret of Responsibility (4:35)


Course Outline

Valuable Final Products

The fundamental processes of exchange focusing on establishing and improving production quantity and quality.


Implementing management by statistics-that which you can measure, you can improve.

Increased Perception in Business and in Life:
 Ideal Scene

There is great advantage to being able to envision exactly where you are going in order to work out how to get there from where you are, in any aspect of living.


In these segments you will learn and create strategic planning, plans that CAN and WILL be done.


The implementation of the guiding principles—the laws you will establish in your business and in your life. These rules are evolved from what has worked and what has not worked for you. It forms the basis for agreement amongst all team members so traffic can flow rapidly and smoothly.

Purposes and Goals

These are the driving forces with which all else MUST align. The engine of the company and your life endeavors.

You will understand, implement and align all of these elements.

It’s never time or money


A key element of efficiency is scheduling. And one of the first rules of scheduling is “If it’s important, schedule it!”

Valuable information and training is a profitable investment. Don’t put this off until you have “extra time”. Whoever heard of having “extra time”??? Is that kept in the drawer beside the “extra money”?

Arte has made this entire program very affordable by establishing the cost of registration at US $295.00. The balance is then spread over 5 additional monthly payments of US $195.00 each.

The most money that your business is losing is the income that you could be or should be making, but aren’t! Join now! Avoid lost income!

Work on the business, not in the business.

Get your business basics in!